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Sarcheshmeh Sulfuric Acid Project

Sarcheshmeh and Miduk mines in Kerman province and Sunegoon mine in eastern Azarbaiejan province are of the most significant copper mines in Iran. National Iranian Copper Company planned to construct a Sulfuric Acid plant with a nominal Capacity of 3450 TPD in Sarcheshme copper Complex. This Project has been awarded to jv of Rampcp and FAP (FRC). The onus is on FRC to execute design, engineering (Basic, Detailed and workshop), procurement, construction and commissioning of the new Sulfuric Acid Plant for the Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex from exhaust gas of the flash and converter plants.

Capacity of Plant: 3450 MTPD
Purity Of Acid: 93% or 98.5%
Client: National Iranian Copper Co.
Year: 2012

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